All Bid Notices and Invitations

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Notice to Proceed: Proposed Two-Storey 4-Classrooms at the Meneses Campus (Infra-2020-12) January 11, 2021 NTP-Infra-2020-12.pdf
Notice to Proceed: Modern AVR at the CHTM (Infra-2020-14) January 11, 2021 NTP-Infra-2020-14.pdf
Notice of Award - Rebidding: Supply and Delivery of Fabrication Laboratory Equipment for Regional Development Center (LOT 2) January 11, 2021 NOA-FABLAB-LOT2.pdf
Notice of Award - Supply and Delivery of Electrical and HVAC Equipment for Smart Grid Center January 11, 2021 NOA-Elect-HVAC.pdf
Notice of Award - Supply and Delivery of PCB Assembly Stations January 11, 2021 NOA-PCB-Assembly.pdf
Request for Quotation: Materials for Electrical Wiring January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-004-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Replacement of Lights at VPAF Office January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-003-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Tarpaulin January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-006-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Materials for Construction of FMO Office January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-005-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Laser Leveling Device January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-007-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: ESO Vest January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-002-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Laser Measuring Device January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-008-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Windshield and Tint January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-010-01.pdf
Request for Quotation: Repair of Cooling System January 6, 2021 RFQ-21-009-01.pdf
Notice of Award - Supply and Delivery of Life Science and CAESAR Center Indoor Laboratory Equipment January 5, 2021 NOA-Sigma-Life-Science.pdf