Contract of Agreement

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Contract Agreement: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Kitchen Equipment for Meneses Campus (G-2022-13) March 27, 2023 CA-G-2022-13.pdf
Contract Agreement: Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Hot and Cold Kitchen Equipment for CHTM (G-2022-12) March 24, 2023 CA-G-2022-1.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Networking Materials for CICT and COE Network Laboratory (G-2022-17) March 20, 2023 CA-G-2022-17.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Mobile Tablet for the students of Bulacan State University (G-2022-32) March 1, 2023 CA-G-2022-32.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of CICT's Desktop Computer (G-2022-19) March 1, 2023 CA-G-2022-19.pdf
Contract Agreement: Supply and Delivery of Printers for the Bulacan State University (G-2022-10) March 1, 2023 CA-G-2022-19_2.pdf
Contract Agreement: Upgrading of Electrical Mainline at Bustos Campus (Infra-2022-09) March 1, 2023 CA-I-2022-09.pdf
Contract Agreement: Supply, Delivery and Installation of RFID components and devices for BulSU E-library (G-2022-34) February 27, 2023 CA-G-2022-34.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Library Reference Materials for San Rafael Campus (G-2022-29) February 27, 2023 CA-G-2022-29_2.pdf
Contract Agreement: Fire Protection System - Various Colleges & Offices (Infra-2022-14) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-14.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding - Upgrading of Electrical Mainline at Meneses Campus (Infra-2022-10) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-10.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding - Renovation of College of Nursing (Infra-2022-13) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-13.pdf
Contract Agreement: Construction of Smart Development Laboratory at Pimentel Hall (Infra-2022-12) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-12.pdf
Contract Agreement: Negotiated Procurement-Two Failed Biddings Hot and Cold Kitchen Facility at CHTM (Infra-2022-05) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-05.pdf
Contract Agreement: Renovation of Classrooms at Pancho Hall - Bustos Campus (Infra-2022-15) February 23, 2023 CA-I-2022-15.pdf