Contract of Agreement

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Contract Agreement: Conversion/Renovation of FH 206 and CS Library to CS Laboratory and Renovation of Psychology Laboratory Rooms at Mendoza Hall (Infra-2023-18) September 11, 2023 CA-I-2023-18.pdf
Contract Agreement: Repair of Drafting Room at Carpio Hall (I-2023-06) September 11, 2023 CA-I-2023-06.pdf
Contract Agreement: Replacement of Doors and Windows (3rd Floor) at Federizo Hall (I-2023-04) September 11, 2023 CA-I-2023-04.pdf
Contract Agreement: Conversion of CAFA and COED Library to Classrooms (Infra-2023-07) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-07.pdf
Contract Agreement: Establishment of Cisco Room at College of Information and Communication Technology (Infra-2023-21) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-21.pdf
Contract Agreement: Establishment of CCJE's Accreditation, Research and Extension and Tactical Rooms as a Requirement for AACCUP Accreditation and/or Center of Excellence/Center of Development Status Grant (Infra-2023-22) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-22.pdf
Contract Agreement: Modern Science Laboratory and Renovation of Faculty Office Hagonoy Campus (Infra-2023-08) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-08.pdf
Contract Agreement: Renovation of College of Science Room 104 and Conversion of Graduate School Library to Science Laboratory (Infra-2023-17) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-17.pdf
Contract Agreement: Renovation and Upgrading of Classrooms at Meneses Campus (Infra-2023-10) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-10.pdf
Contract Agreement: Conversion of COE Library to Classrooms (Infra-2023-16) September 5, 2023 CA-I-2023-16.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Water Purifier for BulSU San Rafael Campus (G-2023-10) September 4, 2023 CA-G-2023-10.pdf
Contract Agreement: Renovation of Classrooms at Hagonoy Campus (I-2023-15) September 1, 2023 CA-I-2023-15.pdf
Contract Agreement: Modern Science Laboratory at Sarmiento Campus (I-2023-14) September 1, 2023 CA-I-2023-14.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-Negotiated - Retrofitting of Third Floor Federizo Hall (I-2023-02) August 31, 2023 CA-I-2023-02.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-Negotiated - Retrofitting of CIT Building (I-2023-01) August 31, 2023 CA-I-2023-01.pdf