All Bid Notices and Invitations

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Request for Quotation: President's Kitchen at Hostel Building November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-329-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Aircon Wash Plastic Bag November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-333-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Display Rack Stainless - Table Top November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-332-11.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Supply, Delivery of SMART GRID Center Renewable Energy Measuring Equipment November 27, 2020 G-2020-32.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Supply and Delivery of PCB Assembly Stations November 27, 2020 G-2020-31.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Supply and Delivery of LIFE SCIENCE and CAESAR Center Indoor Laboratory Equipment November 27, 2020 G-2020-33.pdf
Request for Quotation: Yearbook for Graduate School November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-334-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Cheesebar November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-335-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Printing of Modules November 27, 2020 RFQ-20-336-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Pictorial Package November 26, 2020 RFQ-20-331-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Mobile Table and Pocket Wi-Fi November 26, 2020 RFQ-20-326-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Ink and External DVD Writer November 26, 2020 RFQ-20-330-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Replacement Water Closet November 26, 2020 RFQ-20-328-11.pdf
Request for Quotation: Materials for Repainting of Wooden Sala Set November 26, 2020 RFQ-20-327-11.pdf
Invitation to Bid: Repair and Improvement of University Extension Service Office at Roxas Hall November 25, 2020 Infra-2020-13.pdf