Procurement of Infratructure Projects (BAC I)

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Invitation to Bid: Milti-Year Development of Five-Storey Resource Management Building for BulSU Campus December 22, 2020 Infra-2021-01.pdf
Invitation to Bid: Proposed Structured Cabling and Wi-Fi System for Satellite Campuses December 22, 2020 Infra-2021-02.pdf
Invitation to Bid: Repair and Improvement of University Extension Service Office at Roxas Hall November 25, 2020 Infra-2020-13.pdf
Invitation to Bid: Renovation of College of Law Faculty Room October 28, 2020 Infra-2020-15.pdf
Invitation for Negotiations: Negotiated Procurement for the Audio Visual Room at the Meneses Campus October 27, 2020 Negotiated-Infra-2020-06.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1: Modifications in the Bidding Forms October 19, 2020 BB1-Infra-2020-08.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1: Modification of Invitation to Bid, Schedule of Requirement and Technical Specifications October 6, 2020 BB1-G-2020-06_1.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 2: Modifications in the Invitation to Bid and Bill Quantities October 6, 2020 BB2-Infra-2020-18.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1: Notice of Postponement for Pre-bid Conference and Submission and Opening of Bids September 29, 2020 BB1-Infra-2020-18.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Supply and Delivery of Laptops for 10 Regional Development Center September 25, 2020 G-2020-06_1.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Construction of Engineering Building Phase III (BulSU Malolos Campus) September 22, 2020 Infra-2020-18.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1 - Modifications in the Invitation to Bid, Bid Data Sheet, Bidding Forms, Other Forms, and Schedule of Site Inspection (Infra-2020-17) August 10, 2020 BB1-Infra-2020-17.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Modern Audio Visual Room at Laboratory High School (LHS) July 29, 2020 Infra-2020-17.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1 - Modifications in the Construction Specifications (Infra-2020-16) July 26, 2020 BB1-Infra-2020-16.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1 - Modifications in the Invitation to Bid, Bid Data Sheet, and Bidding Forms July 26, 2020 BB1-Infra-2020-14.pdf