Contract of Agreement

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Multi-Axis Industrial Manufacturing Machine (G-2022-02) March 24, 2022 CA-G-2022-02.pdf
Contract Agreement: Negotiated Supply, Delivery and Installation of Sound System for E-Library Building (G-2021-33) March 24, 2022 CA-G-2021-33.pdf
Contract Agreement: Upgrading of School Management Information System (G-2022-04) March 24, 2022 CA-G-2022-04.pdf
Contract Agreement: Extension of CCJE and CSSP Building (I-2021-10) March 1, 2022 CA-I-2021-10.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding for the Hasaan Center SHINE - Bulacan Project (I-2021-12) February 28, 2022 CA-I-2021-12.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding for the Construction of Main Gate with Security Office at Sarmiento Campus (I-2021-17) February 26, 2022 CA-I-2021-17.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding for the Construction of Main Gate with Security Office at Bustos Campus (I-2021-18) February 26, 2022 CA-I-2021-18.pdf
Contract Agreement: Re-bidding for the Renovation of College of Science Faculty Office (I-2021-07) February 23, 2022 CA-I-2021-07.pdf
Contract Agreement: Repair and Replacement of Roofing at Federizo and Flores Hall (Infra-2021-22) February 23, 2022 CA-I-2021-22.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Laptop for the State University (G-2022-01) February 18, 2022 CA-G-2022-01.pdf
Contract Agreement: Negotiated Procurement of Computer Table and Chairs for College of Business Administration (G-2021-15) February 10, 2022 CA-G-2021-15.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Security Services for BulSU (G-2021-30) February 9, 2022 CA-G-2021-30.pdf
Contract Agreement: Annual Medical Examination for BulSU Peronnel (G-2021-17) February 7, 2022 CA-G-2021-17.pdf
Contract Agreement: Procurement of Medical Supplies for Basic First Aid Training (G-2021-35) February 7, 2022 CA-G-2021-35.pdf
Contract Agreement: Provision of Janitorial Services for the University - Main and External Campuses (G-2021-27) February 7, 2022 CA-G-2021-27.pdf