September 13, 2023

BulSu’s Float: Embodying BulSU's Spirit and a Celebration of Vision, Mission

By Media Relations Office

City of Malolos, Bulacan, September 8, 2023 – In a big show of community pride and unity, the Provincial Government of Bulacan put together a lively float parade with towns, schools, and private groups from all over the area. Bulacan State University, one of the participants, had a float that perfectly showed what the school is all about and how committed it is to its vision and goal. The entire preparation of the BulSU float and its participation in the said event was favored and supported by the newly elected BulSU President, Dr. Teody C. San Andres.

The bright BulSU float showed Bulacan State University's essence, which aligns with its vision and goal. It was decorated with a color palette that shows the spirit and energy of our school. It was happy to show off the many different things that people at the university had made, which presented how skilled and knowledgeable BulSUans are. The state-of-the-art e-library is a standout feature that shows BulSU is committed to creating a technologically advanced learning environment.

At the front of our float, proudly displayed were the institution's core values: Service to God and Community, Order and Peace, Assurance of Quality and Accountability, Respect and Responsibility. The float was made with a palette of bright colors that showed how active BulSU is and was decorated with shades of red and yellow, which stood for power, new ideas, and tenacity which caught people's attention. The colors were carefully picked to show that the university was committed to excellence and to raising well-rounded people.