August 27, 2020

Getting Acquainted with Google Classroom

Preparing the students for the actual experience of online learning, Bulacan State University launched the fourth episode of its Webinar Series for Students entitled "BulSU FLEx... GC Talks...", on August 26, 2020.

By Media Relations Office

This episode aims to make the students familiar with G-Suite – Google Classroom, by setting them to practice said application so that they may better access and navigate through the tools available to them, and maximize the potential of the e-learning setup.

One of the resource speakers, Dr. Joseline Santos further expound on the dynamics of Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Remote Print Learning; while Ms. Lilibeth Antonio demonstrated the mechanics and tools to be utilized when using Google Classroom.

For those who missed it, this episode is available in the official Facebook page of BulSU Student Affairs - Main Campus and the official YouTube channel of BulSU, Bulacan State University Media Relations Office.