July 24, 2020

Outcome-Based Education: Same Pursuit in the New Normal

Steady in its tracks, Bulacan State University launched the fourth installment of its Webinar Series: Empowering the BulSU Faculty for the New Normal entitled EDUK-KAKAIBA Version 3.0: The OBE Way on July 23, 2020.

By Media Relations Office

The guest speaker, Dr. Jonathan Macayan, the Dean of the School of Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences of Mapua Institute of Technology, and a prime advocate of Outcome-Based Education,  shared his knowledge about the underlying virtues and concepts of OBE, how to design courses that fit OBE, and how to manage online and blended learning based on OBE principles.

The goal of this episode of the webinar series was to inform the Faculty members on the real concept, principles and practice of OBE, and help them prepare their course materials for online and blended delivery modes of teaching and learning bound to Outcome-Based Education.

The University has been pursuing OBE years before the pandemic; and the “new normal” did not stop BulSU in its quest for quality higher education.