June 18, 2020

BulSU Acts Through Resilience and Compassion

Engaging in community services has been a commitment of Bulacan State University (BulSU). BulSU consistently creates a culture that supports focus, not just on instruction, but also on extension aids. The surge of the pandemic crisis on COVID 19 was the perfect avenue to exhibit the skills of organization and flexibility and the values of commitment, compassion, and generosity of the members of the University. While also hit with the upshots of the virus catastrophe, the different colleges and offices of BulSU did not have second thoughts to intitiate activities and tasks that may lessen the burden of those people despodently socked by this tragic quandary.

By University Communications Group

Efforts from different colleges were commenced to distribute food packs, some even include essentials for babies and children such as milk and diapers.  There were also food donation drive to workers such as guards, drivers, vendors, and policemen stationed at distinctive checkpoints.  Meanwhile, because of the extreme need for personal protective equipment of our health workers, there were initiatives to provide masks, gloves, eye protection, , and safety suits and footwear to the different municipalities of Bulacan.  On the other hand, generous  efforts were tendered by a number of BulSU employees to help in the repacking of relief goods mostly organized by the local government. 

Incessant initiatives are still in place as of this writing. Everybody in the BulSU community are heartened to do their share, big or small, in realizing the essence of social responsibility through purposive community engagement.