August 1, 2019

Welcoming Freshies: OSAS launches Handog ni BulSU kay Bunso

July 23, 24, 31 and August 1, 2019 were the days for the freshman students in which they faced the new chapter of their scholastic life as the Office of the Student Affairs and Services held its Handog ni BulSU kay Bunso at the Valencia hall. They served as the new sprouts that will be watered with talents, skills and notions by the Bulacan State University and also will be equipped with the BulSU equation for success according to the University President Dr. Gascon, "Excellence equals to Knowledge plus Character."

By University Communications Group

This event aimed to welcome and orient the new students of each college on the Vision, Mission, Goals and the policies of the University. This helped them answer their queries through the open forum.

Emphasizing the words excellence, respect, and responsibility, the University President elucidated the commitment of the University in promoting quality education.

To inspire and challenge the young dreamers, Dr. Gascon added, “While you feel the excitement of entering into this new and hopeful endeavor, work well and hard not just to get good grades and make your parents extremely happy, but also use your time wisely by being productive as you realize your career goals and major plans in the future.”