December 11, 2015

Loyalty Awards 2015: Recognition and Renewal

On her 111th year Founding Anniversary, the Bulacan State University celebrates the annual Loyalty Awards. The important event recognizes the essential roles of the employees of the University-both teaching and non-teaching. The awarding was held at the Valencia Hall on December 11, 2015.

By MIS Office

President Cecilia N. Gascon acknowledged the passion and sense of responsibility the awardees are continuously showing despite the challenges that they may have endured through the years of their service in the University.

In her speech, she expressed a wish: ”May this celebration be a start of a renewed commitment to serve the Bulacan State University.”

The University President further insinuated, considering herself as the newest member of the BulSU community, her enthusiasm to journey with the BulSU community in the coming years.

”Let us celebrate successes together,” Pres. Gascon emphasized.

BulSU-FAU President, Hermogena Baustista, delivered the Opening Remarks with emphasis on the importance of recognizing the efforts of the people who work for any institution.

”Love your work and you will endure the pain of work; love the place where you are working and surely you will make it beautiful and conducive. Love your colleagues and you will be loved by them,” she suggested.

Bautista expressed her opinion on how loyalty awards differ from any other forms of recognition that an individual could encounter in their career. ”Loyalty award is something that we could cherish for it needs service, sacrifice, perseverance and most especially, love,” Bautista stated.

The awardees include the non-teaching personnel who showed remarkable service over time.

Non-Academic Personnel Association (NAPA) President, Rodante Sales, cited that it is essential to keep a harmonious relationship within any work place.

Retirees 40 years 35 years 30 Years
Herminia Agustin Melinda Caluag Carmelito Agustin Gilbert Benedictos
Ligaya Caparas Rolando Gaspar Emelita Crisostomo Isabelita Benedictos
Irene Corbito Danilo Hilario Dolorita Del Rosario Gerrifer Bernardo
Isidra Llamosa Leilani Lizardo Cecilia Geronimo Ma. Theresa Reyes
Catalina Macapagal Ma. Salome Robles
Ladislao Marcelo Priscilla Salivio
Teresita Mariano
Daniel Martinez
Jovita Meneses
Miguela Sison
Herminio Suarez
Lolita Trani
Yolanda Villavicencio

25 Years 20 Years 15 Years 10 Years
Evelyn Camara Elenita Acuna Oliver Alaijos Minerva Amores
Arnel Mendoza Ma. Concepcion Arellano Joseph Roy Celestino Adelaida Borbe
Rogelio Pimentel La Delle Concepcion Marian Minelle Cruz leah Cruz
Margarita Dorothy Reyes Rafael Dayao Archie Nel de Jesus Proserfina Galvez
Felicidad Villavicencio Dexter Faustino Issachar dela Cerna Ellenita Manalaysay
Romulo Panotes Jr. Gerald Hilario Delfin Onglao
Ma. Geraldine Reyes Nicolo Velasco Thelma Pagtalunan
Teody San Andres Vim Khester Rivera
Lydia Santiago Elizabeth Sunga
Ronaldo Rafael Tecson

A surprise audio-visual presentation dedicated to Dr. De Jesus was shown in the latter part of the program.

Dr. Victoria Valenzuela, Chair of the Awards Committee stated that the loyalty awards do not solely depend on how many years a person stayed with the institution instead the most important requirement is the quality of service they have rendered over time.

Dr. Valenzuela encouraged the awardees and retirees to always be reminded to pamper themselves and find time to enjoy what life has to offer.

”Be sure to reward yourself when you achieve each step of your dream,” Dr. Valenzuela stressed out.

A message from the representatives of the awardees concluded the ceremony.

Teresita Mariano, a retiree, shared her experiences during her stay in the university from seminars that took her to places.

”We as retirees are happy to leave BulSU knowing that most of our best students here at BCAT then, are now here teaching at BulSU,” Mariano added.

Rolando Gaspar, a loyalty awardee, suggested that a committee that facilitates the selection of awardees be organized.

”Let us involve the students in this kind of activities, let us allow them to witness the achievements each faculty had attained. Let them inherit this kind of culture from us,”Gaspar stated.

This year, BulSU recognized 59 awardees, consist of 13 retirees and 46 personnel who rendered service for 10 to 40 years.