University News

Embracing the New Normal Mode of Education

August 14, 2020, Media Relations Office

Consistent in carrying out its goal to prepare the stakeholders for the transition to the new normal, Bulacan State University aired the second episode of the Webinar Series for the Students last August 12, 2020.

BulSU checks on its Students through Webinars

August 7, 2020, Media Relations Office

Aiming to prepare its students for the flexible modes of teaching and learning for the new normal, Bulacan State University (BulSU) commenced a series of webinars which began with a pilot episode checking on the mental health of the students, on August 5, 2020.

BulSU concludes Webinar Series for Faculty

July 31, 2020, Media Relations Office

After more than a month and six episodes later, the Bulacan State University commenced the seventh and final episode of the webinar series aiming to empower its Faculty for the new learning set-up on July 30, 2020.

Faculty trains on Flexible Learning Grading System

July 28, 2020, Media Relations Office

Just a few weeks before the start of the online classes, the Bulacan State University is still unrelenting in its quest to prepare its Faculty for the opening of the academic year as it launched the sixth iteration of its webinar series on July 28, 2020.

Outcome-Based Education: Same Pursuit in the New Normal

July 24, 2020, Media Relations Office

Steady in its tracks, Bulacan State University launched the fourth installment of its Webinar Series: Empowering the BulSU Faculty for the New Normal entitled EDUK-KAKAIBA Version 3.0: The OBE Way on July 23, 2020.

Faculty Trains on Academic Module Writing

July 22, 2020, Media Relations Office

The webinar series which kicked off on June 30, 2020 continues as the University focuses on student-centered education, initiating community online, and navigating the transition to different modes of instruction.

BulSU Webinars go Simultaneous

July 21, 2020, University Communications Group

Relentless in its pursuit to empower its Faculty, the Bulacan State University carried on with its series of webinars aiming to equip the teaching force with the knowledge and skills necessary for the New Normal Learning Set-up.

CHED, DICT Visit Bulacan State University

July 9, 2020, University Communications Group

Some officials from the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office (CHEDRO) and Department of Communication and Information Technology (DICT) visited Bulacan State Univerity On July 3, 2020 to observe the University's resources and facilities for the flexible learning and to also check the free WIFI project for SUCs of DICT.

First Step Towards the New Normal

July 2, 2020, University Media Relations Group

Bulacan State University (BulSU), with its aim to empower the BulSU faculty, kicked off on June 30, 2020 a series of webinars specially crafted for its teaching personnel. With the theme "Empowering the BulSU Faculty in the New Normal", the objectives of the initial webinars are to prepare the faculty forreintegration back in the workplace, lessen their stress, and help them be more aware of the different online learning platforms.

BulSU in the "New Normal"

June 22, 2020, University Communications Group

Upon Bulacan's shift from ECQ to a less stricter GCQ at the beginning of June, BulSU started calling back its employees to physically report in their respective offices. However, standard precautionary measures were still put in place to ensure the safety of all the staff.