University News

BulSU celebrates First Online Faculty Appreciation Day

October 27, 2020, Media Relations Office

Not even the pandemic can stop Bulacan State University (BulSU) - its Administration and students, from showing their appreciation and expressing their gratitude to their unsung heroes, the BulSU faculty, with an online celebration on October 27, 2020.

BulSU receives face shields, awareness posters from Red Cross

October 20, 2020, Media Relations Office

BulSU collaborates with CHEDRO III

October 16, 2020, Media Relations Office

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office III (CHEDRO III) conducted a series of webinars with Bulacan State University's (BulSU) officials and administrators as the resource speakers on October 1,7, & 9, 2020.

BulSU Conducts Mid-year Planning Workshop

October 2, 2020, Media Relations Office

Resolute as ever, Bulacan State University (BulSU) conducted a two-day Mid-Year Evaluation, Planning Workshop and Consultation via Google Meet, last September 29-30, 2020.

BulSU concludes Webinar Series for Students with group discussion

September 24, 2020, Media Relations Office

Closing the Series on a strong note, the Bulacan State University aired the last episode of its webinar series with a group discussion between key individuals, on September 23, 2020.

Project GEARtues: General Education Aimed at Realizing Virtues

September 18, 2020, Media Relations Office

Steady in its tracks, the Bulacan State University (BulSU) Office of the Student Affairs - Main Campus launched yet again another episode of the BulSU Webinar Series for the Students last September 16, 2020.

BulSU shows value to its ISO Certification

September 11, 2020, Media Relations Office

To further realize and acknowledge the full implications of Bulacan State University's (BulSU) ISO 9001:2015 Certification, BulSU's officials took on a webinar entitled "Appreciation Course on ISO 9001:2015 Standard" on September 8, 2020.

Parents' Turn: BulSU Airs Webinar Episode for Guardians of Students

September 3, 2020, Media Relations Office

Putting into consideration and recognizing the critical role that the parents play in the new normal learning setup, Bulacan State University (BulSU) aired an episode of webinar dedicated solely for the guardians of the learners, on September 2, 2020.

Getting Acquainted with Google Classroom

August 27, 2020, Media Relations Office

Preparing the students for the actual experience of online learning, Bulacan State University launched the fourth episode of its Webinar Series for Students entitled "BulSU FLEx... GC Talks...", on August 26, 2020.

Transition to Remote Learning: E-Classroom Tips and Tricks

August 20, 2020, Media Relations Office

With the opening of online classes closing-in day by day, Bulacan State University is uninterrupted in its mandate to make its students informed and prepared as it launched the third episode of its Webinar Series for Students, on August 19, 2020.