May 19, 2023

Bulacan State University Expresses Gratitude with a Thanksgiving Celebration for PQA Level III Achievement

By Media Relations Office

Following the university's receipt of the Recognition of Mastery for Quality Management award, the Bulacan State University community gathered for a Thanksgiving celebration on May 17, 2023, at the University E-Lilbrary. BulSU just earned PQA Level III on its initial application, making it the only state university in Region III to do so.

The PQA (Philippine Quality Award) is a national recognition given to organizations that demonstrate excellence in quality management. Bulacan State University President, Dr. Cecilia Gascon, expressed her gratitude to the university administrators, faculty, non-academic personnel, and students for their hard work and dedication in achieving PQA Level III.

“I would like attribute our success to: one, we have a clear vision of what we will be doing in our University. Alam natin kung ano ang dapat nating gawin. A clear vision on where to drive the University”, the President expressed.

“Two, we have the right people in the organization. When I say right people, kayo lahat ‘yon. Dapat i-claim natin na in one way or another, we are contributing to the success of our organization”, Dr. Gascon added as she addressed the BulSU Community in her message.

The Thanksgiving ceremony was organized to celebrate and appreciate individuals at BulSU for their part in contributing to the university's milestones. Throughout the event, Dr. Gascon underlined the importance of innovation and continuous development in maintaining the university's excellence in quality management.

"We must keep aiming for quality and innovation in all aspects of our operations," she mentioned, emphasizing that this award is only the beginning of our journey.

The PQA Level III recognition is a significant achievement for Bulacan State University and a testament to the university’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

After the program, the participants of the celebration retreated to the 7th floor of the BulSU E-Library to enjoy a healthy and hearty dinner.