November 17, 2020

BulSU: A Community with Compassion and Purpose

No storm will make the Bulacan State University (BulSU) community falter, especially in this time where our brothers and sisters need help and care as different organizations of BulSU work hand-in-hand to extend their love to those in need.

By Media Relations Office

Many of the BulSU Colleges, organizations, and even individuals initiated several fund-raising efforts for the victims of the recent onslaught of typhoon Ulysses. There are pledges from several faculty who conducted donation drives while members of different University organizations and even alumni expressed support through various acts of helping the affected students from different places in Bulacan, and even in some other affected provinces of typhoon Ulysses.

In this time of calamity, keeping in mind the threats brought by COVID-19, a single penny is valuable, and an act of kindness by those who have a heart of a true hero in our modern time is priceless and precious. We are not talking about how much you can help others, but what matters most is what you can do as an individual to make things right, just and others to feel that they are loved and being love.

Showcasing the God-given talent of BulSU students and faculty is one way for a donation drive to become successful and possible. Social media platforms are of immense help for pledges and communication. BulSU can make a difference and make things from ordinary to extraordinary.

For those who would like to become part of the on-going relief operations, you may visit the official Facebook pages of the organizations affiliated with the University.