July 2, 2020

First Step Towards the New Normal

Bulacan State University (BulSU), with its aim to empower the BulSU faculty, kicked off on June 30, 2020 a series of webinars specially crafted for its teaching personnel. With the theme "Empowering the BulSU Faculty in the New Normal", the objectives of the initial webinars are to prepare the faculty forreintegration back in the workplace, lessen their stress, and help them be more aware of the different online learning platforms.

By University Media Relations Group

Prior to the preparation of this pursuit, a survey was conducted among the faculty members which confirmed results that prompted the proposal on the training needs of the faculty in preparation to the new learning environment. 

In her opening remarks, the University President Dr. Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon reiterated the importance of embracing the emerging transformative challenge by creating adaptive responses to ensure continuous learning of the students. 

The morning session, Kamusta Ka Titser: Finding the Silver Lining from the Quarantine,was facilitated by Bishop Jonel Milan, D.Div, a life coach, family counsellor, and broadcaster, who discussed the psycho-emotional preparedness of the faculty and reminded that it is important to clarify the sense of mission as educators and that giving affirmation is the most important skill of a teacher as it can be utilized to develop self-belief among the students. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Belinda Bandalaria, Chancellor for the University of the Philippines Open University, took care of the afternoon session, Eduk-Kakaiba: Guro Alamin Mo Muna, as she presented the models and components of remote teaching and learning.  In her talk, Dr. Bandalaria emphasized that in order to bridge a trained teacher to a prepared student, it is imperative to acquire information and communication technologies, design learning packages and instructional materials, and sustain a Learner Support System. 

Each session was participated in by no less than 800 BulSUan faculty members.

Relevant college activities will take place from July 1 until the next session of the webinar series which is on July 21, 2020.