June 22, 2020

BulSU in the "New Normal"

Upon Bulacan's shift from ECQ to a less stricter GCQ at the beginning of June, BulSU started calling back its employees to physically report in their respective offices. However, standard precautionary measures were still put in place to ensure the safety of all the staff.

By University Communications Group

Sanitary footbaths were placed in all points of entry, together with hands-free alcohol dispensers. The security guards also check the temperature of everyone that enters the University.

Several BulSU vehicles were assigned as shuttle services for the pick-up and drop-off of employees that do not have their own private vehicles while limiting the number of passengers to observe social distancing.

The University Administration also issued a memorandum instructing to temporary ditch the finger scanners when logging in and out of work to avoid cross-contamination between the staff as the employees only enter their respective ID numbers using disposable sticks or cotton buds. Those whose tasks do not require physical presence and have the capacity to work from home are permitted to do so.

Different offices of the University also conduct online seminars or “webinars” to keep in touch with the BulSU community during the run of the community quarantine, while some important meetings are also done thru online conferences.

Meanwhile, every afternoon, the nurses from the University Infirmary visit the different offices to do standard temperature checks. Employees with high temperature or show symptoms of cough, colds, and difficulty in breathing are referred to the University Infirmary for further medical evaluation.