June 11, 2020

BulSU for BulSUans

As the Enhanced Community Quarantine went on, Bulacan State University (BulSU) also carried on with its initiatives for the benefit of its stakeholders. One of which is to drive home a number of BulSU students who were stranded in their dormitories. Some of which lived in as far away as Pampanga while those who chose to stay were closely monitored by the BulSU Administration with the help of the Student Government to make sure that their needs are sustained during the quarantine. Meanwhile, a number of BulSU employees continue to be volunteers on the relief goods packaging and distribution to different areas in Bulacan.

By University Communications Group

Worth mentioning as well are the efforts of individuals who make certain of their involvement in helping the community deal with the COVID-19 crisis. A number PRC registered social workers who are also faculty members of the University, offer free and confidential psycho-social support to Bulakenyos, BulSU students in particular. Through the partnership with different civic organizations, this undertaking offers aid to those who may experience anxiety and stress and guarantee better management and reconciliation to everyday life during this time. There are also University student leaders who did their share by distributing relief goods to the community by way of personal contribution and from some private entities.

On the other hand, the University President, Dr. Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon, assured the BulSU community that the Administration will keep on finding ways to help everyone by all possible means. Salaries were released earlier than usual while the work from home scheme was practiced in the entire University. All these endeavors are made possible through the teamwork, cooperation, and support of the members of the BulSU community.

President Gascon extended her appreciation to those volunteers who continue to share their generous contribution of time and effort to help and serve during this time of crisis.