October 24, 2018

BIDAHAN Goes 2 U: Bustos Campus

In an effort to stay true to the University President's assertion that no one in the entire Bulacan State University system should feel like second class citizens, the Communications Office of the Office of the President took the 6th episode of BIDAHAN to its Satellite Campus in Bustos on October 24, 2018 at the campus AVR.

By University Communications Group

BIDAHAN which stands for BulSU, Ideya, Dayalogo, at Agahan is a breakfast forum spearheaded by the Communications Office which aims to facilitate smoother communication between the Administration and the members of the BulSU community. The event saw University President Dr. Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon and Vice President for Executive Operations Dr. Teody C. San Andres directly address the queries and concerns of the Bustos Campus faculty members and students. Future plans and projects geared towards the benefit of the campus community were also discussed by Dr. Gascon, much to the delight of the teachers and students present during the breakfast forum.

This first series of BIDAHAN on the Satellite Campuses will continue until all four have been covered and given the opportunity to air their voices. Next Stop: Meneses Campus