Accumulating Accolades: Pacesetter Dominates Regional Press Conference

By University Communications Group

February 5, 2018

The official student publication of Bulacan State University, the Pacesetter, recently added multiple feathers to its already well adorned cap when it bagged a total of 32 awards in the individual and group categories of the recently held 17th Regional Higher Education Press Conference in San Fernando, Pampanga on January 16-18, 2018 at the Villa Alfredo’s Resort. The event was held in coordination with the Commission on Higher Education aims to serve as a thoroughfare of talents in the different aspects of journalism such as writing, photojournalism, editorials, cartooning, and etc. The list of awards won are as follows:

Individual Category

John Moises Cruz

  • 1st Place, Poetry Writing English

Cyra Borlongan

  • 1st Place, Feature Writing Filipino
  • 2nd Place, News Writing English
  • 6th Overall Highest Pointer

Romar Zabala

  • 1st Place, Copyreading and Headline Writing Filipino
  • 5th Place, Sports Writing Filipino
  • 9th Overall Highest Pointer

Vincent Pablo

  • 1st Place, Editorial Cartooning English
  • 5th Place, Comics Strip Drawing English
  • 10th Place, Literary Graphics Illustration English
  • 7th Overall Highest Pointer

Mao-len Abad

  • 2nd Place, Photojournalism Filipino

Jerome Calayag

  • 3rd Place, Sports Writing English

Miguel Maghinang

  • 3rd Place, News Writing English

Mari Dennisis Pascual

  • 4th Place, Photojournalism English

David Lim

  • 4th Place, Poetry Writing Filipino

Rhiegan Sumabat

  • 4th Place, Literary Graphics Filipino
  • 5th Place, Editorial Cartooning Filipino

Lance Lemuel David Pascua

  • 5th Place, Layouting

Nicole Beltran

  • 5th Place, Opinion Column Writing Filipino

Carlo Ventura

  • 3rd Place, Editorial Writing Filipino
  • 10th Place, Copyreading and Headline Writing English
  • Elected Bulacan Representative for Young Journalists Association of Region III
  • 2nd Runner Up, Mr. YJAR III

Ronaldo Magsakay

  • 6th Place, Developmental Communication Filipino

Allen Cruz

  • 7th Place, Comics Strip Drawing Filipino

Group Category

Best Performing School

Literary Folio Category

  • Best Literary Folio
  • Page Design – 1st Place 
  • Concept in Literary Folio – 1st Place
  • Visual Arts Page – 2nd Place
  • Cover Design – 1st Place
  • Literary Content – 2nd Place

Tabloid Category

  • 3rd Best Tabloid
  • Page Design - 1st Place
  • DevComm Page - 3rd Place
  • Sports Page - 2nd Place
  • Feature and Literary Pages - 4thPlace
  • Opinion and Editorial Pages - 9thPlace

Broadsheet Category

  • Best Broadsheet
  • News Page – 1st Place
  • Feature and Literary Pages – 1st Place
  • DevCom Page – 2nd Place
  • Page Design – 1st Place
  • Sports Page – 2nd Place
  • Opinion and Editorial Pages – 1st Place

Magazine Category

  • Best Magazine
  • Feature and Literary Pages – 1stPlace
  • Cover Design – 3rd Place
  • Opinion and Editorial Pages 2ndPlace
  • Page Design – 3rd Place
  • News Page – 4th Place
  • Sports Page – 5th Place
  • DevComm – 8th Place

Newsletter Category

  • Best Newsletter
  • Sports Page – 3rd Place
  • News Page – 1st Place
  • DevCom Page – 1st Place
  • Opinion and Editorial Pages – 1st Place
  • Feature and Literary Pages – 2nd Place
  • Page Design – 1st Place