July 5, 2017

296 new instructors of Bulacan State University took their Oath of Office

296 New Instructors took their Oath of Office before Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon, Bulacan State University President and Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras, President of Philippine Association of State Universities Colleges (PASUC) on June 14, 2017 at the Valencia Hall.

By Communications Office

University President Dr. Cecilia Gascon along with Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) President Dr. Ricardo Rotoras graced the Oath Taking of the new instructors of Bulacan State University.

Among almost 400 applicants, 296 made it and were given Instructor I position.

Dr. Gascon reminded the new instructors the significance of their position.

”Plantilla position is not a privilege, but a call to a committed service. We are called to serve the people. The people who are paying our salaries through their taxes. While it is valid and reasonable to ask, ”What can we get?” it is equally relevant to reflect on ”What can we give?”

”To date, we are on the 46th place out of 112 State Universities and Colleges in the country in terms of research, 13th place on extension service, and 11th on instruction. These figures are glaring call for us to do something.” she added.

She also calls out the new instructors who will now begin their government service to accept and live out the challenge encapsulated in SOAR BulSU.

”Rest assured, that in all the endeavors, aspirations, and development of the faculty, the Administration will always be there to support and help you. We bear in mind that, "The University is the Faculty, and the Faculty is the University." Thus, show me excellent and committed faculty, and I will show a great University.”

The University is grateful for the service of our new instructors.