Notice of Awards

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Notice of Award: Upgrading of Electrical Mainline at Bustos Campus (Infra-2022-09) January 27, 2023 NOA-I-2022-09.pdf
Notice of Award: Construction of Smart Development Laboratory at Pimentel Hall (Infra-2022-12) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-12.pdf
Notice of Award: Negotiated Procurement - Hot and Cold Kitchen Facility at CHTM (Infra-2022-05) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-05.pdf
Notice of Award: Fire Protection System - Various Colleges and Offices (Infra-2022-14) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-14.pdf
Notice of Award: Renovation of College of Nursing Laboratory (Infra-2022-13) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-13.pdf
Notice of Award: Re-bidding - Upgrading of Electrical Mainline at Meneses Campus (Infra-2022-10) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-10.pdf
Notice of Award: Renovation of Classrooms at Pancho Hall (Infra-2022-15) January 26, 2023 NOA-I-2022-15.pdf
Notice of Award: Re-bidding Supply na Delivery of 2,000 25-kilo Sacks of Rice for Bulacan State University (G-2022-31) December 28, 2022 NOA-G-2022-31.pdf
Notice of Award: Negotiated Procurement - Repair of Classroom at 2nd Floor at Bustos Campus (Room 214 A&B and Room 216 A&B) (Infra-2022-07) October 25, 2022 NOA-I-2022-07.pdf
Notice of Award: Re-bidding - Replacement of Roofing at Carpio Hall (Infra-2022-03) October 25, 2022 NOA-I-2022-03.pdf
Notice of Award: Re-bidding - Repair of Storage Rooms and Comfort Room (3rd Floor) at Federizo Hall (Infra-2022-06) October 25, 2022 NOA-I-2022-06.pdf
Notice of Award: Provision of Executive Staff Offices at Alvarado Hall (Infra-2022-08) October 25, 2022 NOA-I-2022-08.pdf
Notice of Award: Re-bidding - Rapair of Ground Floor to Fourth Floor Public Restrooms at Roxas Hall (Infra-2022-04) October 25, 2022 NOA-I-2022-04.pdf
Notice of Award: Negotiated Procurement - Construction of Engineering Building Phase III, BulSU Malolos Bulacan (Infra-2022-02) October 24, 2022 NOA-I-2022-02.pdf
Notice of Award: Procurement of Enhanced Student Insurance A.Y. 2022-2023 (G-2022-09) September 27, 2022 NOA-G-2022-09.pdf