All Bid Notices and Invitations

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Bid Bulletin No. 2: Modifications in the Bid Data Sheet and Bidding Forms May 9, 2019 BB2-Infra-2019-13.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Re-bidding: Completion of the College of Industrial Technology May 9, 2019 Rebidding-Infra-2019-10.pdf
Notice of Award - Circa Security and Investigation, Inc. May 9, 2019 NOA-G-2019-04.pdf
Notice of Award - Zurbano Publishing and Printing Corporation May 9, 2019 NOA-G-2019-05.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1: Change of Time for Pre-Bid Conference for the Proposed Five-Storey Engineering Building Phase 2 May 6, 2019 BB1-Infra-2019-13.pdf
Invitation for Negotiations: Re-Negotiated Procurement of Mini Bus and Sedan for Bulacan State University May 2, 2019 Negotiations-G-2019-01.pdf
Bid Bulletin No. 1 - Modifications in the Invitation for Negotiations May 2, 2019 BB1-Negotiations-G-2019-01.pdf
Invitation for Negotiations: Negotiated Procurement for the Renovation of Faculty Office at the College of Architecture and Fine Arts May 2, 2019 Negotiation-Infra-2019-07.pdf
Replacement of Roofing at Sarmiento Campus May 2, 2019 Infra-2019-16.pdf
Invitation to Bid for Proposed Five-Storey Engineering Building Phase-2 (Structural GF to 5th Floor) April 30, 2019 Infra-2019-13.pdf
Request for Price Quotation - Additional medals for Graduation 2019 April 30, 2019 RFQ-19-263-04.pdf
Request for Price Quotation for MIMEO Office April 30, 2019 RFQ-19-174-03.pdf
Request for Price Quotation for Meneses Mini Hostel Use April 30, 2019 RFQ-19-228-04.pdf
Request for Price Quotation for University Graduation 2019 April 30, 2019 RFQ-19-255-04.pdf
Request for Price Quotation - Repainting of Activity Center (Basketball and Volleyball Court) April 30, 2019 RFQ-19-252-04.pdf