All Bid Notices and Invitations

Project / Notice Title Date Posted File
Proposed Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (RCBC) and Steel Gate Column in Main Campus (Infra-2014-14) October 8, 2014 14-08ReinforcedConcreteBox.pdf
Proposed Riprapping of Meneses Campus (Length = 48.00LM) October 8, 2014 14-9RiprappingMenesesCampus.pdf
Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for CCJE and CIT September 12, 2014 14-09LabEquipmentCCJEandCIT.pdf
Procurement of Air-conditioning Units Location August 14, 2014 ITB.14-12Air-con.pdf
Notice to Conduct Direct Contracting July 30, 2014 directcontracting.pdf
Proposed Fencing of Bustos Campus Location July 22, 2014 ITB.14-11BustosFencing.pdf
Re-Bidding for the Procurement of IT Equipment (Computer & Laptops) (G-2014-04 Lot A) June 26, 2014 ITB.14-04LotAComp&Laptops.pdf
Proposed Valencia Hall (Extension and Renovation) May 23, 2014 BidProposedValenciaHall.pdf
Procurement of IT Equipment (Computers, Laptops, Projectors, Network Storage and Server) May 5, 2014 14-04Bid(Computer).pdf
Proposed Housekeeping Room-Hagonoy Campus April 11, 2014 14-06HousekeepingRoomHagonoyCampus.pdf
Proposed Two-Storey 4 Classroom (CSSP Extension) April 11, 2014 14-07BidTwo-StoreyCSSPExtension.pdf
Renovation of Federizo Hall 104, 109, 110 & CS Stockroom March 13, 2014 14-06Bid(Infra-2014-03).pdf
Procurement of Monoblock Chairs March 5, 2014 14-05Bidmonoblock.pdf
Procurement of Projectors for Instructional Use February 7, 2014 14-04BidDocsProjectors.pdf
Invitation to Bid for the Proposed Upgrading of Electrical Mainline of Sarmiento Campus February 6, 2014 14-2BidDocELECTRICALMAINLINE.pdf