To all Candidates for the Regular Graduation in October 2020 you may now apply for Graduation starting July 21, 2020 to August 20, 2020.

  1. Proceed to the Online Application for Graduation link.
  2. Fill-out all fields and do not abbreviate. Write N/A if field is not applicable. Do not leave any fields blank.
  3. Check Done and click Submit to finish the first part of the Online Application for Graduation.
  4. Once done on the first part of the Online Application for Graduation. A window will appear indicating the next step of the Online Application for Graduation.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you input your correct email address on the application to receive the email attachment
  6. Open your email address and check the email attachment sent by
  7. Open the excel file attached to the email address.
  8. Fill-out Item B (Present Load). Make sure to list down all the subjects, units, and the name of your professor.
  9. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application will not be processed with incomplete data
  10. Close the excel file once you are done filling-out the Application Form for Graduation and you’re done.