Advisory to All BulSU Applicants

Posted March 2, 2023 by Office of Admissions and Orientation Services

Dear BulSU Aspirant,

Please be informed that the Admission Test of Bulacan State University (ATBulSU 2023 - 2024) will be on March 19, 2023.

All successful applicants will receive an email with instructions that will be delivered to your registered email address on or before March 13, 2023.

We encourage every applicant to read carefully the instructions and check their email regularly.

General Guidelines

  • The Office of Admissions and Orientation Services will send an email to the applicants about the date and venue of the exam. The email will also include the test permit and QR code to be printed on a short bond paper.
  • All successful applicants who will not receive an email must personally report to the Admissions Office for verification until March 15, 2023
  • During the examination date, only applicants will be allowed to enter the University. No parents, guardians, or chaperones will be allowed.
  • For applicants with disabilities and who require special assistance during the examination, please send us an email with the subject PWD-ASSISTANCE. Describe in the email the type of assistance you will be needing during the exam.
  • For applicants with COVID-like symptoms during the test administration, we encourage you to disclose your medical condition through email.
  • Applicants with a temperature of 37.9 and above will not be admitted to the University, meanwhile, temperatures between 37.3 – 37.8 will be monitored and assessed in the University Infirmary.
  • Applicants must wear a plain white shirt, polo, or blouse.
  1. Applicants are prohibited from bringing or using the following:
    1. Electronic devices such as cell phones, calculators, cameras, electronic cigarettes, iPods, iPads – even if turned off.
    2. Wristwatches, fitness trackers, and watches of any kind.
    3. Jewelry or other unnecessary accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc.
    4. Headwear, including hats, caps, hoods, scarves, and headbands wide enough to cover the ears.
    5. Headsets or headphones of any kind.
    6. All kinds of bags, food items including candies.
    7. All kinds of paper. Applicants may use the questionnaire for their computation.
  2. Items permitted
    • Applicants may only bring a short transparent plastic envelope containing the test permit, valid ID, black ballpoint pen (not gel or rollerball), small alcohol in a transparent container, and a white face mask.
    • Since the exam is only good for 2 hours, only a plastic water bottle will be allowed inside the testing room, the label must be removed.
  3. Responsibilities:
    1. Applicants are responsible for reviewing the security policy and prohibited items list. The University will not hold prohibited items for an applicant. Applicants will be responsible for taking any prohibited item out of the examination site, which may result in loss of exam time. Prohibited items discovered after the beginning of the examination will be treated as a cheating incident and may result in ejection from the examination.
    2. Be prepared to empty your pockets, show the inside of your face mask, and demonstrate that your clothing does not contain prohibited items. An applicant’s eyes and ears must remain uncovered and visible to the proctors at all times (with the exception of religious apparel).
    3. It is best not to even bring the prohibited items to the examination site because they will not be permitted in the examination room and there is no place to store them. The University will not be responsible for the loss or damage to personal property, so it is strongly recommended that any such items be left at home.
    4. If you engage in any of the following conduct during the examination you may be dismissed, and your scores will not be reported. Examples of misconduct are when you:
      • Create a disturbance, are abusive, or otherwise uncooperative.
      • Display and/or use electronic communications equipment such as cell phones, and smartwatches;
      • Talk or participate in conversations with other applicants while the exam is ongoing.
      • Give or receive help or are suspected of doing so;
      • Attempt to record examination questions or make notes.
      • Attempt to take the examination for someone else.
      • Are observed with personal belongings, or
      • Are observed with notes, books, or other aids without it being noted on the roster.
    5. Always be considerate and avoid wearing heavily scented perfume.