Continuing Professional Teacher Education (CPTE) and Certificate in Physical Education (CPE) Guidelines

Posted September 29, 2021 by Office of Admissions and Orientation Services

    • A combination of synchronous (SL) and asynchronous online learning (AOL) will be implemented.
    • SL will happen during lectures and presentation. AOL will be an option for the instructors to let the students work on the given task.
    • The Google Classroom and Google Meet will be the official educational platform for class organization with the use of other G Suites applications or online educational apps.

    Applicant must possess the following qualifications:

    • A graduate of any non-teacher education degree course from an CHED recognized institution.
    • Have a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 1.75 as seen in the Transcript of Records (TOR) or better.
    • Have a good moral character
    • Passed the College Assessment Test (CAT); and
    • Passed the Dean’s Interview

    The following requirements will be sent through an online application form:

    • Application letter addressed to the Dean;
    • Certified copy of TOR (with Special Order for the graduates of private HEIs)
    • Certification of Good Moral
    • Permit to Study (if currently employed)
    • An online application form will be made available through the website of the Office of the Admission and Orientation Services
    • The applicants will fill-up the form and attached all the necessary documents.
    • Upon the approval of the application, applicants shall take the CAT online (scheduled CAT)
    • Those who passe the CAT shall undergo Dean’s online interview.
    • The qualified applicant will process to enrolment.
    • A registration link will be sent to the qualifier by the College through their registered email address.
    • The registration link is an online form where the qualifier fills out and submit.
    • The CPTE and CPE Coordinator will validate all the information submitted by the qualifier.
    • Validated forms and other requirements will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for assessment and validation.
    • The assessment form will be sent to the qualifier through email.
    • The assessment form will be used to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees.
    • Payment can be done through Landbank branches (print assessment form) or online (Please visit the University website for online payment)
    • Proof of payment will be sent through an online form. The CPTE Coordinator will forward the proof of payment to the Accounting Office.
    • The students will create an account to the BulSU Portal to access the COR, schedule and view of grades.