Social Media Guidelines

Posted October 5, 2020 by Media Relations Office


The Bulacan State University (BulSU) utilizes different social media platforms as a means to create, share, exchange information in virtual networks. The Media Relations Office (MRO) manages the official Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube account of the University including that of the Office of the University President. Meanwhile, the different colleges and offices of the University maintain their own official social media pages to respond and cater to the needs and queries of their identified clientele.

Moreover, BulSU encourages the use of social media to connect with the stakeholders of the Institution such as, but not limited to, the students, employees, alumni, parents, and other organizations. The University takes on the responsible use of social media, recognizes its varying teaching and learning.


While social networking is valuable to an educational institution such as BulSU, there are some risks and threats we need to keep in mind when using and managing these tools. Since social media allows any internet user to publish content easily and expands the reach of their work, the University defines the rules and policies for the use of official University social media sites.

  1. The following guidelines are pertinent to all social media postings on behalf of BulSU, including those on a college or office level. Notify the Media Relations Office (MRO) if your college/office/department/unit/organization maintains a social media page or would like to have one. This is to ensure that the University keeps a record of the official pages related to BulSU. Also, these pages will be endorsed by the MRO through the University website and official FB page. The individual colleges are responsible and will be held accountable for the content of their respective social media accounts.

    Fill out the form which was sent to your BulSU email and forward it to

  2. All social media sites shall recognize and respect intellectual property rights, copyright law, and University policies.

  3. Official accounts shall refrain from posting or commenting on anything related to legal matters, use the University logo to endorse a product, private business, or political candidate, and represent personal opinions as University-endorsed views. When engaging on BulSU’s behalf on any social media platform, admin of the page shall neither express political views nor engage in political activities. Reserve your political ideas on your personal social media account, but still, avoid the possible misconception that you are speaking for the University.

  4. Post and comments shall be reviewed and monitored by the identified admin of the page. No post or post comments that may include personal attacks to individuals or groups, threats of physical harm, offensive terms, sensitive information, and profanity and abusive language shall be approved.

  5. Inactive social media accounts bearing the name and marks of the University shall be removed from the social network.


Content to be shared on social media:

  • School events
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • School announcements

The tone in which you deliver the schools’ content on social media should be:

  • Light-hearted
  • Professional
  • Dependent on content