The university admits students who are of good moral character and have the required academic credentials and have qualified for admission.


  1. Freshmen applicants to the Bulacan State University shall be admitted on the following basis:

    • Performance in the BSUAT administered by the office of Admissions of the Bulacan State University
    • Average of grades obtained in high school (1st & 2nd grading period of 4th year)
    • Ranking will be based on BSUAT Score & GPA in the first and second grading period in fourth year high school. (50% BSUAT + 50% GPA)
    • Quotas and other requisites needed by the specific college set up by the respective Dean’s Offices.

  2. Qualifiers who intend to pursue admission to the University are required to pay a nonrefundable reservation fee of Php 300.00.

  3. A nonrefundable x-ray fee of Php 100.00 and blood test fee of Php 165 shall be paid for by qualifiers who wish to reserve for their chosen course.

  4. The Medical/Admission Permit shall be distributed on a specified date to be posted at the Office of Admissions on the date of release of qualifiers.


  • Those who fail to meet any of the above criteria need not apply.

  • Failure to report on any of the designated dates shall mean disinterest thus forfeiting the privilege to enroll in the university.

  • Reservation shall be on a FIRST COME- FIRST SERVE basis. Reserved slot is valid up to the last day of enrollment period only.

  • Failure to get the admission slip on the designated dates could mean cancellation of the reserved slot.