March 6, 2018

CCJE Testimonial Dinner

By University Communcations Group

The College of Criminal Justice Education hosted a testimonial dinner for its board passers after the recent Criminology Licensure Examinations in which the college garnered a total passing rate of 63.98% and a Top 5 in Mr. Gerald M. Barrientos. University President Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon took the opportunity to congratulate the passers for not getting discouraged during their challenging journey. She also focused her message on feeling good about all their learning experiences and to lead others by being happy with what they are doing. The college dean Dr. Reynaldo Naguit also encouraged the passers to share their success by living by the CCJE motto of “Learn, live what you learn and lead” to a rousing ovation by the students. The finale of the event came in the form of a ceremonial toast and scrumptious dinner for the board passers.