March 6, 2018

Holistic Wellness for the Month of Love - February Convocation

By University Communications Group

The convocation for the month of February was hosted by the College of Nursing (CON) and had its motif associated with the celebration of love, focusing on heart as its foundation. In line with holistic wellbeing, the theme was explored from the physiological, psychological, and even spiritual points of view of one of the human body’s most important organs. Guest of honor Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Jocelyn E. Gomez discussed numerous ways on how to prevent heart failure and stress while University President Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon delivered a powerful message on how to guard the heart against psychological and spiritual impurities.

After delighting the spectators with spectacular performances by the college faculty and students, the program was capped off by a bloodletting campaign organized by the CON Administration. The event was held on February 26, 2018 at the Valencia hall at 8 in the morning.