Job Vacancies at BulSU

Position : Psychometricians
Campus : Main Campus
College / Office : Dean of Instruction
No. of Vacancies : 2
Employment Type : Contract of Service
Duties and Responsibilities : Gather and maintain electronic database of course syllabi submitted to the office;
Gather and maintain electronic database in Excel all examinations submitted to the Office for item data banking;
Analyze test item data based on two dimensional Table of Specifications: knowledge dimension (factual, conceptual, procedural, metacognitive) and cognitive process dimension (remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create) using Excel template and/or SPSS software;
Conduct test item analysis (item difficulty, discrimination index, plausibility of options) and prepare evaluation reports;
Strictly observe confidentiality of the records like midterm/ final examinations;
Coordinate Office activities to the different College Deans and faculty;
Manage files and other documents such as communications of the Office;
Distribute memorandum to the College Deans and faculty and;
Maintain knowledge of University policy and procedures;
Support the Dean in all assigned work and other related duties as assigned.
Education : Graduate of BS Psychology
Experience : None required
Training : None required
Eligibility : Bar/Board Eligibility (Must be a Registered Pschometrician)
Date Posted : September 7, 2018
Deadline of Application : September 14, 2018
Remarks : Unfilled
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Note: Everyone is encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, age, disability, civil status, ethnicity, religion, etc. (Pursuant to existing Philippine Laws).

Interested applicants must:

Submit the following documents on or before the set deadline to the Human Resource Management Office located at the 2nd floor, Flores Hall, Bulacan State University, Guinhawa, City of Malolos, Bulacan:

  1. Application letter addressed to the University President Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon
  2. Comprehensive Resume with one (1) Recent Passport Size photo.
  3. Original and Certified True Copy of the following documents:

    • Transcript of Records
    • Diploma
    • Certificate of Graduate Studies units earned (if applicable)
    • Seminar/Certificates attended (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Board of Ratings/Eligibility (if applicable)
    • Certificate/s of Employment signed by previous employer
Applications with incomplete documents will not be entertained.